Saturday, 28 March 2009

First Post

This blog is for the Sinclair QL. If you are wondering, "What is that?" Its a retro computer 25 years old this year which means it should be in heaven by now. Except that for the sins of its supporters it isn't. For more factual information have a look at its Wikipedia page or Dilwyn Jones QL site. This blog will not describe what a QL is. It is going to provide a narrow perspective from which to glimpse into the secretive world of the existing QL community and its world spanning network.

There is trouble in QL heaven again. In fact it looks like a vision of QL hell again. The last issue of QL today contained some disturbing stories. One from the editor was about a radical plan for Quanta and the other on the back page about long standing money trouble between 2 major traders and QL supporters. Not that there can be much trading in QL heaven these days.

There is actually quite a bit of trading of QL stuff on ebay these days. Original Sinclair QLs are going for between £16 and £110 depending on condition. There are quite a few books for sale there as well. I noticed this morning a Quanta reprint of Jan Jones Superbasic Handbook going for £14+ with 2 days of auction yet to go. I think Quanta were selling it for £10 just a year or 2 ago.

Thats all for today. Next blog from QL heaven I hope to say something about QL software. Not about how to print from abacus & quill. Everything that needed to be said about that has been said over the last 25 years. Something more interesting.

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