Sunday, 19 July 2009

Favourite Freeware QL Software

What software do you use regularly? Besides SBASIC, QD, one little bit of software that I find indispensable is StufferStore and GSH (Get Stuffer History). One thing that the QL does differently from the PC is its clipboard.

There are two clipboard equivalents. One is the stufferbuffer and one is the Scrap. The Stufferbuffer takes on line of text, length upto 32k if needed I think. It automatically picks up file names from the QPAC file requester but can also be fed lines from other programs. For example CTRL-Z in QD drops a line of code in and F10 in the SBASIC editor drops a line in. ClipScrapBoard and other clip programs also stuff lines into the stuffer buffer. The problem arises if the line you want has been over written. Perhaps you used that filename then did a few other things and now need it again, but its no longer the current item in the single line stuffer buffer.

This is where StufferStore comes in. Stufferstore when launched in the boot file runs as a low CPU consumption background task which monitors the stufferbuffer. Each time a new item is placed in the stufferbuffer stufferstore copies it into its own stuffer history, which is a SBASIC public history device. Then to retrieve the data along comes GSH. Hotkey GSH and it opens a window listing all items in the History device using the QMenu list select menu.

Select an item and there it is back in as the current item in the stufferbuffer. Copy and past several lines of a program - no problem. Store them all in the stufferbuffer from SBASIC using the F10 key. Paste them back where you want with the stufferbuffer hotkey using GSH to place each back in the stufferbuffer in the order they need to be pasted back out. Sounds complicated but is easy in practice.

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