Sunday, 27 September 2009

QL Quill Adventure Creation System

A copy of this on microdrive cartridge just went for £38.00 on ebay. That is more I think than new. Who would buy this. I remember the version for the Sinclair Spectrum from many years ago. While it was OK it was limited to text only. What do collectors do. Do they have black box QLs as these are the only systems that can read the microdrive cartridges. The tape in the cartridges must be 20+ years old, so it won't last forever. Buying microdrive software cannot be thought of as a longterm investment.

If anyone knows what collectors do with this sort of stuff let me know. Are there standalone microdrives that plug into USB ports on PCs for transfer of the data. Should I expect a swathe of new text adventures released into QL Heaven

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