Sunday, 30 January 2011

Things Written

Ql-users list has heated up. Following Peter Graf's tantalization of the listers with the half promise of a microdrive card reader substitute there has been a request for a programming project from a returning user, a debate about what would be nice to have in a new versions of a QL OS and finally a pernicious debate about a possible minor infraction of the Quanta constitution with demands from on Geoff Wicks for Quanta to be wound up.

QL heaven has responded to the these questions always in the spirit with which they are posed.

On to other written things, books. Here at QL heaven a few QL books are seen as indispensable. Firstly for SuperBasic programming. Two tomes are recommended. Here they are :

Donald Alcock's book came with a microdrive cartridge with all the snippets of programs in the books. I must see if I have already copied these of the cartridge. If bot I guess it might be too late given the age of all of this.

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