Saturday, 12 March 2011

QL Users Discussing Hardware Again

Below are some exerpts from the QL-users list. The USBWiz device driver is almost out for beta testing and some other hardware enthusiasts have been suggesting easier ways of creating a new QL board that could fit inside an old QL case.

Here they are :

"It would be great to have a FPGA based replacement board which fits in the
original QL case. Is it not possible to use one of the existing projects like and to adopt the OS??

On the new QL hardware front, it would probably be easiest to build a system which boots directly into an emulator of some kind, probably under a stripped down Linux kernel.

With this in mind, what about looking as this hardware platform?:

It's small (could fit into a QL case), ARM based (OK, it's a derivative of Acorn technology. ;-)) and reasonably cheap. Oh, and there's a Linux version for it already."

And there is another QL blog out there - here is the link

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