Sunday, 31 July 2011

SBASIC is it over complex??

SuperBasic and its successor SBasic have been around for coming up for 30 years. The programming language was designed to be expandable and it has been enhanced in all sorts of ways the added toolkits etc. QL Heaven realised this when George Gwilt announced on the ql-user list

"Version 3.39 of Turbo Tk Code is on my site

This version allows COMMAND_LINE to select a daughter SBASIC's channel 0 by
giving as a parameter the ID of any channel opened to that SBASIC. The opened
channel does not need to be a CON device."

After reading this post QL Heaven realised that within the scope of QL heaven's programming there was no conceivable use for this tweak. A quick check using Toolkit 2's EXTRAS command demonstrated that the modest implementation of QPC2 on the laptop had 1044 keywords, the list finishing with GETENV$. What does that keyword do. How many are on the list that QL Heaven has never used. How many Keywords are on your QL and how many do you use?

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