Sunday, 2 October 2011

Plodding on with SBASIC listing typing and feelings of mortality

Typing in 3D noughts and crosses from the QL World is like watching paint dry. But it is still progressing. The finished listing will be published and then any tweaks needed to update it for modern QL systems. The QL world has been quietish since the last QL Today was published. Thinner and lighter than before. Feels a bit like the last days of QL World but at least QL Today is not published by the late Robert Maxwell. Nor is there an employees pension fund to dip into. On ebay last night there are now 4 pages of QL items for sale. QLs in good condition still seem to be going for around £100 (UK). I dont know if the increase in QL items means more interest in QLing or a rush to get out before the end. Time will tell but one thing is certain which is that the end of the QL has been predicted before time and again staring when sinclair launched the QL before it was ready and then a year or so later when sinclair sold out to Amstrad. These predictions and been wrong so far but unfortunately its a bit like the mafia hit - it just need to be on the money the once and then you are dead and out while the QL has to be lucky every time.

                          Anyway here is the latest QL Today cover :

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