Sunday, 5 February 2012

Portable QL Manuals and Documents

Due to the 3D noughts and crosses (3DOXO) project QL Heaven has to brush up on Turbo and TPR. The 3DOXO basic listing compiles fine with Turbo. The turbo directives are added to the code, all that remains to do, is the cosmetic work on the program, such as a PE window, and the addition of a few icons and other visual enhancements. This is where TPR comes in. This is George Gwilts's extension for Turbo. To my surprise the system is over 10 years old. The last manual QL Heaven had printed out dated to 2002. TPR is a powerful and complex system so the manuals need to be updated and reread. How to make them as portable as possible considering these are large documents. The answer was to convert them to .pdf files and load them on to QL Heavens ipod touch.

Conversion of text files to .pdf was easily achieved using the freeware primoPDF printer driver. This driver allows Word to print out .pdf files. To get them on to the itouch also proved easy once a free app pdf reader app was down loaded an installed from the itunes store. This app allows pdfs to be copied on to the itouch during sync. Also when the itouch is connected to the Internet it can download pdf files attached to emails. Now for the hard work - learning TPR again.

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