Monday, 28 March 2016

SMSQmulator on RPi3

Another screen shot.

SMSQmulator on the RPi 3 is a very usable system. The screen shows Eddi the icon editor which is a large QLiberated program which runs exceptionally well under the emulator. On the screen it is possible to see that the emulator was producing 10.94 bogomips despite all the other programmes running. uQLx is a bit more quirky. This is probably not down to the RPi but to its design as a QDOS/Minerva emulator. Hence crashes occurred this morning when QPAC2 version 1.45 was loaded and also separately with the button frame extension. Also Launchpad which can be seen on the screen above had a "General Protection Fault" error with both LP1 and LP2.

The screen shots have been captured by the wonderfully named linux app called scrot - its command line seen above in the terminal window.

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