Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Qcascade Menu Editor for Q68

After some more work the mini menu editor for Qcascade has reached operational capability.
The idea of MenuEdit_QCSCDE_rc_bas and Make_Qcascade_rc_bas was to simplify and make more flexible the creation of small menus for use with Qcascade. As explained in the previous post the Qcascade _rc file and all the applications that will feature on the menu are located in a directory called APPS on win1_. EX Make_Qcascade_rc_bas, ideally from the Qcascade menu, and it will create a simple qcascade_rc filr incorporating all the files in the APPS directory. Next once the
 basic _rc file has been created EX MenuEdit_QCSCDE_rc_bas to embellish the menu derived from the _rc file with additional discription of the featured files if required. To add files to the menu add to the APPS directory and EX Make_Qcascade_rc_bas to update the _rc file, and that's it.

Writing MenuEdit_QCSCDE_rc_bas with the QPTR toolkit has not only refreshed my knowledge of this amazing toolkit but has also been a major learning experience as although I have written a number of QPTR based programs previously It seems I have only scratched the surface of what can be done with QPTR. Thanks also to Wolfgang Lenerz programming QPTR series in QLToday from the July/August 2002 issue through to the August/October 2004 issue.

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