Monday, 2 March 2020

EddIcon Resized

It has been some time since there was time to update this blog. That does not mean that nothing has been happening in QL heaven. Here is a glimpse at some of things happening here. A Q68 was acquired and one irritation was the EddIcon could not run on the 512x384 16 bit colour resolution screen as it only used a window 640x480. So after some devling about the innards of EddIcon here is a revamped version that has 3 window izes. The original, a medium sized window that fits in to 512x384 and a small window suitable for 512x256. Besides the window changes there have been some other changes to the interface and functionality. Sprites can now be saved out with RLE compression, as mode 64, 32 and mode 4. Mode 4 sprites can also be saved as a series of data statements to be incorporated in to QPTR superbasic. There are still some bugs in the colour handling routines so its not for release yet.

Other things that have been looked at are a simplified method of automatically creating and editing simple Qascade menus., reading and writing to FAT16 formatted CF cards on the Q60 and printing through the serial port via a RPi, Python and CUPs to a WiFi printer, a bit like the retroprint project. The difference being that CUPs handles text, HTML, and postscript. All of these modes work on the system. Quill doc files still have to be converted.

All these things might be looked at in future posts but at the moment here is EddIcon in 3 sizes.


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