Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Quanta Magazine

The latest Quanta magazine dropped through the mail box. Again full of content. The quality seems to have picked up significantly of late. Disappointingly there were two articles from Geoff Wicks, showing off his Janus faced attitude to Quanta. In one he praised black box QL users as he seemed to think a previously published article had been an attack on them because the author suggested that the key future of Quanta sustainability lay on the internet. Why he should think that black box users are internet-lite? Many black box owners use the internet. I have one. I will post a picture later. Geoff should have a closer look at the ebay sinclair QL site. Microdrive programs and black box QLs abound.

The trouble with the "Quanta debate about the future" is that the high profile protagonists positions are entrenched in cliches. That destroys all opportunity for original thinking. Thats what Quanta needs of course, not perpetual niggles.

Amusingly his article was followed by one from a "black box QL user" who uses the internet.

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