Sunday, 10 May 2009

Shrinking Memory

100 a=RESPR(100)
110 POKE_W a,$287C
120 POKE_L a+2,$800000
130 POKE_L a+6,$70254E41
140 POKE_L a+10,$4EF80900
150 CALL a

In the beginning there were a number of memory reducing programs. Some commercial. They were needed to enable older software to run with expanded memory systems. Some can still be down loaded from Dilwyn Jones site. But they dont work on QPC2 or the Q60.

This little bit of SBASIC from Marcel Kilgus does the job. Line 120 sets the amount of memory to remain when the system is rebooted. $8000000 gives 8MB, for 4MB use $4000000 and so on.

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