Sunday, 15 November 2009

Hot Swappable IDE CF card devices for the Qx0

It is said that hot swapping compact flash cards using IDE to CF adapters is not possible on the Q60. Most IDE CF adapters are not hot swappable anyway. Some are and tend to be more expensive and may not be suitable for the PATA type IDE drivers in smsq/e.

None the less, I believe there is a simple way to adapt these cheap non hot swappable CF adapters to hot swap by mounting the CF IDE device in a removable 3.5 inch hard disk caddy!

Ok the caddy needs to be opened to access the CF card unless you have a caddy with an easily removable face plate.

Obviously do not remove the caddy and CF card while accessing files on the disk inside. When the device is reinserted either with a new CF card or the same you must remount the IDE device with a Win_Drive command to tell the system that there is a fresh IDE device to be used, otherwise it will not be recognised. And thats all there is to it. I have been trying this on my Q60 for some weeks now and not noticed any corruption of the CF cards data.

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