Sunday, 1 November 2009


This has appeared as a topic of discussion on the ql-users list again. The last time was in 2007. The device looks as if it is useful. All that is really needed intially is an application to communicate with the device using its inbuilt protocols. Future development might include SMSQ/E drivers for the device to integrate access to the file systems. There are 2 aspects to this project that I wonder about. Firstly since 2007 I have had some time to think about what I might do with a USB device and it seems there is little use for it at the moment given the limitation of writing drivers for all possible bits of hardware that may be connected. Secondly - memory sticks. There the problem is that they will be of little use unless a FAT32 device driver is written for SMSQ/E. Having spent some time looking at applications to read and write from FAT formatted disks I am not at all hopeful that this can be done due to the complexity of the data structures on PC disks and that the data is reversed compared with data organisation under QDOS.

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