Sunday, 10 April 2011

QL Today Volume 15 Feb - April 2011

QLToday's cover looks exciting but the content sadly is lackluster. Adrian Ives article on his work with the USBWiz device is exciting and saves the magazine from being a total loss. Editor Geoff Wicks manages to publish the same article from a regular contributor twice, has more aimless filler from Tony Tebby disparaging just about anything in computing except what he has contributed. A timely reminder that even geniuses may have feet of clay if allowed to sketch a route map tour de force resolution all the worlds ills. Then the news column, what news it carries only what has been on the Internet in the last few months. Not so much news more a round up and devoid of any more information than the average web surfer can pick up for themselves. And finally the classic Quanta bashing editorial. QLtoday has definitely gone downhill since Geoff took it over and Roy Wood left under a cloud. Whatever Roy's failings were and there were some it appears according to his detractors he could write a thought provoking column that injected some discussion into the QL scene. QLToday needs to rethink its objectives as Quanta magazine even in the absence of an editor has managed to catch it up and over take it in the relevance stakes.

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