Saturday, 16 April 2011

Quanta Meeting Sat 16th April

On the first day of the Quanta meeting for 2011 in Manchester there were 14 cars in the car park by 10:30. Geoff Wicks scurried in late and rucksack laden just before 1200. The committee had a meeting that morning to discuss tactics and responses regarding the constitutional questions Geoff Wicks had raised and the question of raising the subscriptions and the ql-users list criticism of Quanta. Questions due to be answered at the AGM the following day.

Traders present were the enduring Dilwyn Jones and Rich Mellor. Rich had a number of interesting new bits of hardware present, none specifically for the QL however. There was much discussion. But no new QL hardware or software demonstrated. No QL talks were scheduled. Overall the atmosphere was better that the last Coventry meeting.

The weather was good for the day.

Were you there, is there anything to add?

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