Saturday, 14 May 2011

QL Hardware News

The Ser-USB hardware adapter has been released by Memory Lane Computing. QL Heaven is hoping to get sight of this exciting new product. USB ports on a QL and access to flash card storage deices that are portable across the various hardware configurations of the QL. About time something like this existed. There are MBs of QL software in the public domain these days but the only direction of transfer depended on PCs burning to CDs and CD access on the QL.

Here is a picture of the device. :

On ebay there has been a lot of QL activity. Hardware and magazines and software. Up to 3 pages of QL stuff some going for amazing prices such as £35-00 for an non functional QL! Here at QL heaven we are interested in the old magazines for sale as some have amazing bits of code as listings to type in and play about with. More on that later perhaps.

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