Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Ser-USB Device

QL Heaven has been allowed to play a bit with the new Ser-USB device. It is a compact transparent blue box. There are 2 USB slots and a SD card slot. On the reverse side is the 5v power connector and the reset button.
The Hardware comes with a disk with the necessary drivers to be LRESPRed, a file with additional S*BASIC commands, a partition manager task, a monitor task and some other files.

QL Heaven has seen files copied via the QL serial port to a card in the device and EXed out into QD. The speed of the process depends on the BAUD rates supported by the QL serial ports. For files bigger than a few kilobytes a SuperHermes chip or emulator with serial ports able to support 54860 baud or higher is necessity.

Anyway above is a first glimpse.

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