Sunday, 5 June 2011

Ser-USB Part 4

QL Heaven has again been allowed to play with a SerUSB device. This time copying files from the SD card inserted into the device to QPC2's Win2_ on a PC. The laptop QL Heaven uses does not have a serial port so a USB to serial converter was installed. One was bought from Amazon for 8.40 euro, an ABC electronics product. It came with a mini CD with drivers which included Windows 7 drivers. Installed straightforwardly. Only point to note is that even although the laptop did not have any serial ports, it was installed as com3. Not really a problem. The assignment can be changed on the PC in Device Manager or more swiftly QPC2 was configured to attach ser1_ to com3. End of story. Anyway here is the device attached to the SerUSB device.

It works! And here is the device copying files from the SD card to the Win2_ file on the Laptop's hard drive.

The process is not entirely seamless as some errors do occur. Copying directories with large numbers of files or extremely large QL files can lock up the SerUSB device necessitating a restart of the device and QPC2.
Large files that caused a lockup had to be be copied on their own. Sometimes they had to be copied to the ram disk as occasionally copying to the file caused the laptop to crash. Exciting stuff but still a better way of transferring large quantities of files from one QL system to another. 

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