Monday, 13 June 2011

Ser-USB update and Super Forth now PD thanks to QL-Users

Still working with Ser-USB here at QL heaven. Testing has resulted in 50+MB of programs and data transferred from a QL to QPC2 on a laptop which itself has no serial ports. It is amazing what this bit of technology can do. As the transfer rate is slow, think an old style USB1 slow stick and then a bit slower but given time its now possible to port masses of programs and data across the disparate QL systems which all use different hard drive filing systems. How mad is that!. Black box QLs and Aurora use the Rebel Qubide driver, the Qx0 hardware emulators use a variant of an atari hard disk scheme, while the QPC2 uses a container file called a file.

Over on the QL-users list because Rich had a client who was seeking a manual for SuperForth someone wondered where the author of that program was now. Low and behold someone else knew of his blog. He was contacted and gave his consent to the release of the SuperForth program to the public domain. Next while arranging for someone's paper copy of the manual another QLer reported that it had already been scanned in and was on the World of Spectrum site. Finally Dilwyn place SuperForth and a link to the pdf manual on his website. This all happened while most of us were at work. Speedy work for an obsolete computer systems supporters

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