Wednesday, 30 November 2011

QL Stuff for Sale

QLs, QL books, memory expansions including Supergold cards, ROMs, magazines and all sorts of QL bits and pieces are for sale at the moment. Once there was a single page of second hand QL items on ebay, now there are 3 pages there and from the King of second hand QL items RWAP software there are 5 pages of a mega amount of stuff on the Sell My Retro site here. Browsing through this stuff QL Heaven spotted a QL User magazine that did not seem to be in the QL Heaven Library. There needs to be a check as QL Heaven has so many old QL magazines that sometimes the fading brain cells forget what is there. QL heaven has been kown to accidentally buy 2 copies of the same second hand magazine and then have to put the spare out on ebay. Anyway, back to the point does anyone have an interest in collecting these dust old magazines and if so for what? 

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