Saturday, 19 November 2011


QL Heaven has just been completing its re-subscription to Quanta for 2012. It is that time of year. If you are a member of Quanta you have to resubscribe. If you are not a member of Quanta and are interested in the QL why are you not a member of Quanta? Quanta despite all the mud slung at it in the last 10 years has as the latest magazine cover states been supporting the QL since 1984. It is the only remaining organisation (club) that has been there for QLers since the QL was launched. Its strength is its members. Now that is  a statement that flies in the face of conventional wisdom on the QL-users list (by the way that has gone really quiet for the past few weeks). Its members, both past and present are its strength because of the software written for the library, because of a willingness to write for the magazine, because its members have as individuals been responsible for many of the hardware and software developments in the last 20 years, because its members support QLToday the only "commercial" QL magazine, because its members blog, because its members run software repositories and help sites on the internet, because its members subscribe to the QL-users list, because its members help other QL users regardless of whether they subscribe to Quanta or not and most importantly because its current members are not quitters by instinct. While at present membership is down from thousands to a few hundred, with the internet and a rebasing of the subscription to ensure financial viability there is no reason why Quanta cannot continue until the last few QLers expire.

On another point the emag version of the Quanta magazine has markedly improved in quality which begs the question of why in this era of cheap broadband should anyone want the paper version any more. Anyway Quanta has finally bit the bullet and made the emag subscription cheaper than the paper magazine - about time too and well done for the decision and quality.

In case anyone is wondering QLHeaven does not own Quanta and is not a member of the Quanta committee so has completely impartial views with respect to Quanta. One final thought for Quanta - what about an ebay presence to sell subscription to recruit new members?

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