Saturday, 14 January 2012

LCD Screen for Qx0

QL Heaven has acquired a Technika LCD 24 inchTV that had a faulty screen cover that had slipped down on the front of the TV by 0.5 to 1cm. Some sort of glue used seemed to have softened. Otherwise the set was fully functional. The TV is a wide screen and defaults to a 16:9 display. It has like many TVs these days a RGB PC port. Since the TV was heading to the dump and QL Heaven was desperate to get the massive 17 inch CRT monitor off the desk the Q60 was tried with the TV. Here is what it looked like.

The Techika model number is LCD 24-620

The image is reasonably acceptable in QL Heaven's view. The full 1024x512 display is not visible with lines lost at the right of the screen and at the bottom. The visible area of the display appears to be 960x480 which is not bad indeed. If it is possible to set the maximum screen size recognised by smsqe to this size then using a TV like this could provide an acceptable display. Has anyone else tried an LCD TV with a Qx0 or Aurora system?

Here are some other pictures also showing 3D Psion Chess running on a Q60 and displayed on a 24 inch LCD screen. Is that good or not.

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  1. There was a LCD chip made for the Q60, but it only worked for specific LCD monitors. I never had much success with it.

    LCD/TFT monitors have a limited video range co,pared to the CRT SVGA monitors.

    The LCD monitor does see any difference to 512x256 and 1024x512 modes.

    A better solution maybe to alter the Qx0 VGA signal out the board to suit a LCD monitor video range.

    But I have not really looked into this, no Q60 as they were all sold.

    Derek Stewart