Tuesday, 27 December 2011

One Hundredth Post Milestone for this Blog

It has arrived - the hundredth post for QL heaven. Here at QL Heaven the wonder is that 100 posts were filled so easily and that there are still ideas to try, and  plans to fulfil for this blog. The two hundredth post might just be achievable over the next year or 2 or 3.

For the 100th post a review of the most popular posts on this blog seemed appropriate. Here they are in descending order of hits according to google analytics.

1st - The 21st Century Black Box Sinclair QL Project here
2nd - First Post here
3rd - Ser-Usb Part 4 here
4th - Sinclair QL Shock here
5th - Jan Jones Designer and Writer of Sinclairs QL SuperBasic Language here
6th - Ser-USB Part 3 here
7th - QPC2 on Windows 7 here
8th - Still Off Topic here
9th - SerUSB Update and SuperForth now PD thanks to QL Users here
10th - April/May 2011 Quanta Magazine here

Of the top 10 3 featured the latest QL Hardware - the SerUSB device and one suggested a way to install a picoITX motherboard PC in a QL case. Hence there still is quite a bit of interest in QL hardware.

What were the least popular posts about? Here are some images from the least popular posts.

QL Heaven's thanks to all who have shown interest in this blog, those who have left comments and especially to the blog's one follower.

Have a Good New Year when it comes. 

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