Sunday, 19 April 2009

Coventry QL is 25

Simon Goodwin blew some eproms, there was a display of the history of the QL, loads of 2nd hand items, both software and hardware. Talks on the history of computing and design of electronics boards.

Steven Poole delivered a passionate analysis of what happened to home computing from its explosive inception in the 1980s to its almost complete absence now except for those left on the QL scene. Superbasic he argued was actually what made the QL a system worth continuing with. Superbasic released the power of the imagination.

Worryingly the meeting had an apparent lack of imagination amongst the attendees. Other than a sticky badge it was just another QL show with even less to show than before. So, disappointing underneath the surface. Perhaps the second day will be better. Perhaps new plans will be hatched over dinner. More later.

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