Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Launchpad 2.09

Arghh! Had a bit of insomnia last night and was on the QL at 3am. Broke Launchpad 2.09. How? By playing about with the MyQL settings to try to get Launchpad to start at the position on screen I want. What happened - setting the display to full screen size caused Launchpad to occupy the whole screen over riding the configuration. Fair enough. Now if I use the resize and move window tools I could place Launchpad in the size I want and where I want and get it to save this configuration, or so I thought. Nooo.The resize tool only works in one dimension - vertically but not horizontally! Ok. Change the screen size back. No that does not work either. Trapped with an oversized wrong positioned Launchpad. Arghh! Out with the backup of the harddisk and recover a previous configuration file. It would be nice to know the structure of the configuration file. Is it in the manual. Best to have a look. I still like Launchpad, but I have now reverted to 2.06 as it worked.

Any chance of the author seeing his way to a Launchpad 2.10 with these bugs fixed? If so let me know as I also have further sugestions for improvements.

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