Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Launchpad 2.09 vs Ghostscript

Why does launchpad always open its window in the top left corner of the screen. Is there any way to get it to start where you want it on boot? Does anyone know apart from disassembling the code to hack its window startup routines. Not elegant but I might do it.

Its a great program. Useful and colourful once some high colour icons have been added. Scores amongst my top ten most useful programs, but it is irritating that it cannot be made to start at another point on the screen.

Another gripe about another program is the Ghostscript QL port. The set up and usage instructions are virtually useless in my opinion. Anyway the portee does not want to admit that he compiled into the code his own directory structure. Very clever, not. If you don't like it the way it is, he says compile it yourself, I have supplied the sources he says. Yes, true but not in a easily usable way. No wonder few in the QL user world have admitted to using this bit of bloatware. The other laugh about it is that the author moans publically about the config blocks used in some QL programs, as he prefers environment variables, which can be used just as easily in QL Heaven. But here he is promoting software with an eclectic collection of printer, file conversion and graphics drivers all compiled together higgelty piggelty with odd names into the Ghostscript executable. What a joke. I should also add that parts of the ported Ghostscript are effectively broken as not all of the functionality work as specified in the supplied linux instruction file. Anyway if anyone wants to set up and use Ghostscript as there as still some things it can do usefully, let me know as I can help, having been there and done that. By the way it is a good source of Adobe fontfiles that can be converted to Proforma fonts with the Progs utility.

Finally the Launchpad manual is great. Thanks to Dilwyn Jones for the program.

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