Monday, 13 April 2009

QL World SBASIC Programs or where have all the ideas gone?

Which QL World programs are worthy of the 21st century and the 25th Anniversary of the QL and deserve an update to utilise the power of the latest versions of smsqe? At the 25 Anniversary of the QL this might be an idea worth pursuing. Continuity with the past and a direction for the future.

The QL World published a lot of SBASIC and some m/c programs in its time. This is one thing that QLToday does not do so well. Are you listening Geoff Wicks? Some of the programs were useful utilities, some were games and some were downright weird.

There was a wild card file finder utility, designed for floppy disks, and might be again be useful if tweaked to do the same for hard disks. There was also a calculator. I typed both in and have used both in the past before progressing to hard disks and the extended environment. When I have time they are both on the list for updating perhaps. There were graphics programs like a contour plotter, a bit weird - what was the point. If you know - do tell. There was also a biorhythms program. Convert that one to run on a PC, make it shareware and become rich. There was a clipboard which I think was updated by at least 2 programmers. There several file browsers. Did anyone ever complete SNG's browser? There were many more> this is one topic that Quanta could usefully revisit for its members as well as QL Today. More useful than the sniping that often goes on at QL Today

Anyway which were your favourites and could they be usefully updated for today. I ask only because the ideas seem to have gone.

Finally I need to dig out some more snippets of code from any handy source and also any QDOS/SMSQE/QPTR secrets that I have stumbled across over the years for future posts.

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